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11/09/2020 @ 08:45 am

Senior Account Manager Sharon Goldmacher is a very insecure CEO/President. She micromanages and tries to keep friction amongst the employees. She did not like employees lunching or hanging out together without her. She blatantly speaks out against it. Each week, she seemed to not be talking to one employee or the other for whatever petty reason. She never explained her dispositions. She sat in industry and client meetings and spoke negatively about various employees and even emailed clients petty gossip and lies about employees. As a senior-level member of the team, I was privy to the server and all email boxes. She and one other employee were constantly exchanging racist jokes. She resented the employees who were married and for years refused to offer maternity leave or coverage. Don't let your child or another family member become ill during the workday; she has an issue with you having to leave the office. During weekly staff meetings, you're expected to give her a play-by-play of your personal time from the last weekend. Don't make plans to travel on scheduled time off or vacation days. She'll try and find a way to ruin your plans. I am not exaggerating. Staff meetings usually include at least 30-40 minutes of her discussing her favorite television show. If you don't watch it, you get the eye roll and are ignored for the rest of the day. She monitors ALL phone calls. Don't try and speak in a quieter voice or close your door; she will come and stand in your doorway to listen to the call, whether personal or not. The salaries and benefits offered are below average. There is really no room for growth. The interns she hires several times a year are to do pitch calling for a nation-wide media campaign. While many of them are eager to learn more, Sharon ensures they remain peons and stay in their place. While it's a great learning experience, is nice change, and a great couple of lines to add to a resume, the overall experience leaves many in tears and disappointed in the atmosphere and lack of more practical work experience. They're mere phone operators. She avoids hiring more minorities than are qualified for the positions. She has had screaming matches with employees in staff meetings about things outside of the accounts that left me speechless. She also over bills clients for work that is not being done. She's not open to anyone else's ideas or potential contribution to campaigns or plans that would increase a client's bottomline. When clients complain about their campaigns not going anyplace, Sharon blames various individual employees, instead of accepting the blame herself or trying to correct the issue. Most of time, the problems lie in her refusal to implement new ideas and strategies the employees recommend. It's a combination of control, envy and resentment that keeps her from allowing others to actually contribute their knowledge versus just write press releases, etc, low-level work. She's a grin-in-your-face, stab-you-in-the-back kind of manager. Everyday I was there, I felt I was stressed, constantly having to watch my back, as I never knew what type of misdeed she would pull next. She's lost a lot of clients and employees over the years, and these are just a few of the reasons why. No, I'm not bitter. I feel sorry for her and her employees. It's too bad that a company operates the way this one does behind closed doors. I wouldn't work there again, nor would I hire her to represent my company or event.

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