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  1. What is
  2. Why do I have a Profile on if I never joined?
  3. How do I claim/take control of my Profile?
  4. If I don’t like a review posted on my Profile, can I change or delete it?


  1. What is is a platform in which any person can rate or review another individual regarding any business dealing that they have had together. A business dealing can be defined as broadly as someone purchasing a cup of coffee from another person or simply having a business-related discussion with them. Essentially, serves as an aggregated review site for individuals in the business world. While does its best to prevent any non-business-related reviews from appearing on the platform, due to the large load of reviews received, it is sometimes difficult; if you see a review that is non-business-related at all, please let us know, and we will take a look at whether it should be removed from the platform.

  2. Why do I have a Profile on if I never joined? allows anyone to post reviews and profiles of others with whom they’ve had business interactions. Therefore, it is possible that someone created a profile for you on or left you a review.

  3. How do I claim/take control of my Profile?

    You can click on the “Claim your profile” button on your Profile. That button will guide you through a process in which you can claim your profile, customize it and control your online business reputation.

  4. If I don’t like a review posted on my Profile, can I change or delete it? will only remove reviews that violate our TOS. To flag a review, claim your profile and click the flag next to the review. Once flagged, the process of removal can take some time (in some cases longer than a few weeks, given the amount of reviews we receive) and is completely within the discretion of If we don’t respond to your flagged review, it means either that we have not yet had the ability to review your issue or that we decided that the review in question does not need to be removed. is not in a position to judge the truthfulness or accuracy of reviews.As Completed, LLC is a California limited liability company, and’s user agreement and terms of services are governed by California law, California’s Anti-SLAPP law (Code of Civil Procedure – Section 425.16) is effective to protect against any and all lawsuits related to defamation, interference with contract or economic advantage, infliction of emotional distress, conspiracy or other claims. It allows, if sued, to file suit to collect attorney’s fees for its own attorneys and have the claimant’s attorney’s fees paid by their client as well as have any such claim immediately dismissed with prejudice.’s Legal Team has extensive experience with anti-SLAPP suits, and it is the policy of to counter-sue in each and every case that it is sued or in which threats or allegations are made against in any form for any reason related to the services or the site. It would behoove the user to be aware of this California law as well as Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (which allows and other review-based platforms (e.g., Yelp, Avvo, RateMD, etc.) to facilitate reviews about other people and companies on their platform and to not be liable for anything said in such review, regardless of whether such review is defamatory, untruthful or inaccurate), and’s policy of filing a counter-suit in each and every case that it is threatened with a claim so that he or she may avoid paying for their own attorney’s fees and the fees of the attorneys of (which can be in the tens of thousands of dollars for each individual case) as well as having any such claim dismissed immediately with prejudice.

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