About Us

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create the most comprehensive profile of an individual on the internet. A Completed Profile will show the full person including constructive feedback that identifies their strengths and weaknesses, helping people improve themselves while at the same time opening the door to opportunities for other people to engage with them in a positive manner.


Back Story

With the advent of search engines and social media, there is now more than ever an overwhelming abundance of information on the internet about people.

Companies, when doing their due diligence, have to spend countless hours researching people to find out information about them. What if there was a website where people went to first where companies could find all of a person's social media, bio, feedback, and more? What if that site empowered the individual to showcase their talents to the world, increasing their odds of landing a new career or getting picked for a special event.

Completed.com is on a mission to create the most comprehensive source of information about an individual on the internet. We seek fair and unbiased reviews of people, while at the same time giving the individual the ability to take a high-level of control over their brand on the internet.

Thank you for exploring Completed.com and we look forward to providing you with more updates soon!

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