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Organic Pharmer isn?t a fad. In fact, the philosophy of ayurveda is thousands of years old. Now, with the help of modern science, we?ve found a way to quietly incorporate this into our daily lives. Organic Pharmer is a way of being. Organic Pharmer is your trusted health food brand. And so, we are challenging the food industry to provide access to better nutrition. Mission: We firmly believe that everyone wants to be, and feel healthy. And so, our mission is to provide access to tasty hand-prepared foods that are nutritionally sound with clean ingredients. All our foods are gluten, dairy, corn, soy and egg free - for good reason. These allergens could cause trouble in your body - adding to inflammation - and since these ingredients are harder to trace back to their source, and we love transparency in all our foods we just eliminate them completely.

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Fast-Food & Quick-Service Restaurants





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