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Indidesign is an award-winning company that specializes in crafting unique luxury and lifestyle hospitality environments to deliver superlative guest experience through creative design solutions. Indidesign has received the Hospitality Design Award 2006 as Best Emerging Firm in Hospitality and since 2009 it has been consistently ranked among the 50 most prominent hospitality design firms in the country by Interior Design magazine. The work of Indidesign has been recognized with multiple awards and it has been published on domestic and international publications including Wallpaper, Time, Sleeper, Interior Design Magazine, Hospitality Design, Boutique Design and many more. We employ a staff of talented and diverse design professionals that includes architects as well as interior designers from different countries. Collectively our team speaks over 10 languages and our practice encourages cultural diversity, which we believe leads to unique creative solutions. Mission: Our company was established with the vision of moving away from the recognizable design formula of the larger hospitality design firms and to offer a fresh perspective to every project through innovative solutions. Our services are always tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each client with creative and appropriate design solutions and our company?s strength lies in our ability to provide comprehensive service for simple as well as complex projects.

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