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Founded by Larry and Sheila Gluck in 1975, today Mission: Renaissance comprises more than 18 studios across Southern California. Serving children, teens and adults for more than 40 years, Mission: Renaissance has long been recognized as the largest fine art program in the world. But to fully appreciate Mission: Renaissance, one must view it against the greater backdrop of fine art training today. In other words, one must understand what sets it apart from every other art school and college. Mission: Renaissance was founded on a principle wholly at odds with the common misconception that one either possesses talent or doesn?t; the myth that one is born with a fixed allotment of creativity which can never change. In stark contrast to this, we believe anyone can acquire talent, anyone can learn how to express themselves artistically ? given the right instruction. That?s why Mission: Renaissance is home to The Gluck Method of fine art instruction, and therein lies the key to unlocking talent. Mission: The inspiration for the school?s name derives from the popular 1960?s television series, Mission: Impossible, Larry and Sheila?s mission being the creation of a Renaissance in fine art instruction. While seemingly impossible, their mission is truly being achieved. In the end, our focus is not to provide a rigid set of rules, but an unshakable foundation upon which the artist can grow. With that foundation firmly in place, only then is the artist free to create with excellence and originality.

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